I was presented with a challenging brief that required me to interrogate the word 'White' and build a creative connection around it. The project was open-ended and allowed me to explore different avenues of design thinking as there was no set goal, we were just given the word and told to create a brief for it ourselves. After thorough research and brainstorming, I came up with the idea of creating an animated exhibition called 'Accompany'.

The exhibition showcased a white blank room with a plant pot in the middle, and I used a Peace Lily to symbolize the connotations associated with the colour white. The plant blossoms bright when surrounded by love, representing peace, purity, growth, and sympathy. However, when abandoned, it withers away, longing for the warmth of companionship.

My design journey involved researching the meaning of white in different cultures, and this inspired me to choose a Peace Lily as my design element. As people approach the plant pot, it grows, and when they leave the area, it withers away, similar to how humans need companionship to thrive.

The final outcome was an animated exhibition that showcased my design skills and creative thinking. The exhibition was a unique way of visualizing the relationship between humans and nature and the importance of companionship. It was an exciting project that allowed me to push the boundaries of design thinking and create something truly original.

The whole animation was created in Blender, I created the plant, shaders, animation and rigged the plant & characters.

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