Lincolnshire King

As a graphic designer, my aim for this project is to create a visually striking exhibition poster that captures the essence of the historical figure, Henry IV. Drawing inspiration from his paintings, I was able to recreate him in 3D, featuring his iconic outfit and placing him in a re-envisioned Bolingbroke castle, his birthplace. The Lincoln Cathedral, which holds significant importance in Lincolnshire's history, acts as the backdrop, adding depth and a sense of grandeur to the poster.

To further emphasize the historical significance of Henry IV, I included a sword with two roses on top, symbolizing his involvement in the "Wars of the Roses." The poster's angle presents Henry IV as a towering figure, exuding royalty and power, while maintaining eye contact with the viewer, drawing them in. The use of fog and warm moonlight lighting creates a moody yet warm and safe color palette, adding an air of uncertainty to the poster.

To ensure that the poster is adaptable to different formats and sizes, I designed it using a grid system, providing a solid foundation for all of the elements. The landscape poster allowed me to incorporate the banner of Henry IV on either side, further emphasizing his significance. The typography uses old-English gothic fonts for the title and a contemporary serif font with a calligraphic and humane touch for the body text, allowing for a clear type hierarchy and easy readability.

In terms of the exhibition's content, the poster is designed to showcase the forgotten links between the medieval English monarchy, the earldom of Lincoln, Lincoln Castle, and the duchy of Lancaster, centering on the Lincolnshire King, Henry IV. The exhibition details the rise of the House of Lancaster and its Lincolnshire connections, from its creation and merger with the earldom of Lincoln to its struggle for survival during the rebellions and wars of Edward II's reign.

The exhibition concludes with the Wars of the Roses under Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou, his wife, and the emergence of the Tudor kings, John of Gaunt's descendants by Katherine Swynford. My poster serves to entice potential visitors to the exhibition, showcasing what the exhibition covers and explaining that it will take place at The Collection Museum, Lincoln, from October 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

Overall, my poster design utilizes graphic design lingo and showcases my design skills, creating a visually striking poster that captures the essence of the historical figure, Henry IV, while enticing potential visitors to the exhibition.


The clothes were created in Marvelous Designer and textured in Substance Painter. The head and body came from MetaHumans and exported from Unreal Engine to Blender. Within Blender I modelled the rest of the objects, added lights and rendered out the image before editing it within Photoshop.