Hull Street Angels


Hull Street Angels Trinity (HSAT) came to us in the first year of our Graphic Design class, offering the chance to have our design printed onto a gazebo for them. HSAT is a charity that sets up a dry bar in the night and helps lost/drunk people find their way home and sober them back up. I went for a modern approach and designed a geometric pattern in Illustrator, colouring it in dark grey with a vibrant red accent to make it pop out more. Bold writing was also used with the alliterating text "Refresh, Rehydrate, Rethink" to promote their cause further. The gazebo design was vectored, allowing it to be scaled to any dimension thus helping the printing team. My design ended up winning and was printed, as seen on the pictures above. The gazebo is still there to this day.

Logo design:

Gazebo mockup:

Final gazebo:


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