Healthy Holidays


Hull City Council approached our class to create a design for a journal page to promote Healthy Holidays to children aged 8-16, which would be showcased at schools and promoted around the city. I had to create an eye-catching design that is vibrant and intriguing. I started by creating a few simple but colourful patterns, as seen at the top for a more child like appeal. Sticking with geometry, the third design featured a triangle pattern; this was done with orange colours to represent the summer. For the fourth design I combined my favourite aspects of previous designs - the geometric shapes and the warm tones which turned out to be my favourite design as it met the requirement best. The final design features me playing with the Liquify tool in Photoshop, this turned out to be way too complicated and did not match the theme, yet I kept it an alternative option. Hull City Council also favoured the fourth design which secured me a 2nd place in the competition.

Magazine mockups:

Favourite Design:

Logo design:


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