As the designer for the FUSE30 celebration event, I was tasked with creating a brand identity and accompanying materials for the exhibition at the Barbican Gallery. To kick things off, we created a unique machine-generated typeface that was utilized in one of the accompanying posters. The poster included additional information such as event details and was designed with the grid system to ensure legibility and aesthetic appeal.

Next, we created a hand-made object typeface, which was featured in another poster along with relevant event information. Both posters incorporated the grunge aesthetic and challenging readability that was prominent within Fuse 20 created by Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft.

For the safe delivery of posters to subscribers, I devised a visual-based solution that would ensure the posters arrive intact which was an animation created within Blender, this can be found here: VE 1 - FUSE 30 Packaging Demonstration - YouTube. Additionally, I created an exhibition publication that included a cover design, spine, back cover, and a double-page spread featuring one of the experimental typefaces I had made.

To promote the event online, I designed a mock-up web page that was linked to the Barbican website. The web page was optimized for desktop and handheld devices, and its design was a derivative of the original Barbican website. Finally, I designed a tote bag that could be used to transport the posters as well as Wristbands and ID cards used within the Exhibition.

Overall, my designs celebrated the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking FUSE30 event and paid homage to the beauty and significance of typography in design.


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