FOTE (From Ordinary to Extraordinary)
I have been learning 3D modelling for a while now. We were assigned a project to take something ordinary and transform it into extraordinary. I created an ordinary city in the 3D modelling program 'Blender' by creating simple building models; I wanted to make this design look gloomy to represent the ordinary. On the contrary, we have an extraordinary design underneath, designed once again from scratch. I 3D-modelled over 16 different skyscrapers in Blender and transferred them to Cinema4D, where I managed to create a city  which is procedurally generated and has warm lighting to show change for the better. Below the extraordinary city, I have included two of my final posters for this project. The left design shows the city going out of control and everything falling apart. On the right side, we can see the city heading in the theme of cyberpunk with neon lights and advertisements; the lights shown are made with long exposure and me waving different coloured lights to produce this effect of LEDs.

3D City Ordinary:

3D City Extraordinary:

Poster 1:

Poster 2:



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