This was a live brief for a Client given to use on behalf of University of Lincoln.

The logo and label design for "Elsewhere" which is an organic skincare company was created to reflect the company's mission to produce innovative, high-end skincare products using potent regional botanicals and natural active ingredients from the land and the sea. The logo features a hand reaching out from "elsewhere" to symbolize the ageless, rejuvenating effects of our skincare products, the hand gives it that humane feel compared to an abstract logo, building trust with the customer. The stars around the logo represent the sparkle your skin has after using our products, showing that they are clean and effective.

The colour palette we used for the design is soft and organic, with a light creme/beige background and dark brown/red titles that contrast well with the background. The logo and text are in a dark green that represents nature and the organic ingredients used in our products. The fonts I chose were, Clash display and Mergian, which are both elegant and professional, with slight quirks and custom ligatures that add a humane touch.

To showcase the natural ingredients used in the products, I added a drawing of the ingredients to the background, providing a subtle detail to the design without overcrowding it. Additionally, the stars in the logo represent the night part of the cream, while the light background shows the day part, as the product is a day and night cream.

The logo and label design perfectly reflects the high-end, organic, and ageless qualities of our products. I'm confident that this design will not look out of place in high-end retail stores such as Liberty's, Heal's, or Harrods.

The final renders beneath were all created by me within Blender, I used the program from the first day to visualise what it's going to look like on the shelves and on the jar, giving me a great indication of the font-size and design.