This project was done for work experience in College for Sonoco Trident company in which we were given the assignment to create a brand identity that delivers healthy food. I started on this project by creating the back story of the brand; knowing how it originated and its name helped me visualise the logo and eased the sketching process. I used the negative space of a fork inside an apple for the logo, bringing meaning to eating healthy, naming the brand 'EatFit' a catchy, simple name is the key. After completing the logo I decided to challenge myself further and create my first ever app design as I had never designed one before. I created three designs for the app, showcasing different screens within. I created the packaging net in Illustrator, making sure the measurements are correct and will print out perfectly. After creating the box prototype as seen above, I was able to start designing. I used my logo's colour scheme throughout and advertised the app for clients’ benefit.

Mobile app:


Final packaging:

Logo design:


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