Phoenix Designs

Phoenix Designs had been my final project at my 2-year Graphic Design level 3 course. For this final assignment, we were allowed to give ourselves a task, written by us for us. Many people went for creating personal things, journals, fashion, etc. I decided to do what I love doing which is branding.

I started off with figuring out a name for this company and what they will be doing, my idea was to create a Design Agency branding which would be named 'Phoenix Designs'. I had a good idea for a logo in my head of a Phoenix but I had to first sketch out some initial ideas on how I want to approach this. After a few days thinking and sketching out ideas, I found one that suited me and worked perfectly with my needs:

I decided to do this idea with the Golden Ratio, making the overall design proportionate and looking the best for the eyes. Here are my lines:

Once I had my final logo, I needed to produce more outcomes for this project, I decided to then create an iPhone app, same as my other EatFit project, this being my 2nd time ever creating an iPhone design, taking inspiration from the first one as it turned out good. The app allows you to purchase designs on the go, stay in contact with the company and view the portfolio, etc.
Here are the app screens:

I also had to create 3 more finals, I did simple posters and business cards which I won't show off here as they aren't too unique and I most likely could do better, given more time. Hence I'll show off my other final which was my animation of the website, I can't code so I decided to show the website off using Adobe After Effects, creating the  site in Photoshop, exporting it all to layers (a lot of layers) and building it from the ground up within After Effects, animating it as I go along. The animation is 15 seconds long and can be found here: