Personal Branding K

I've been set an assignment to create my own personal logo by my College, I always wanted to refine my existing logo but a lot of other work came in the way of it, having it as a project I also get a grade on made it an amazing opportunity!

I started off with basic sketching of the letter K, I chose the letter K as it's the first letter in my name and my online nickname. After several hours of thinking of ideas, sketching them down and refining them, I had chose a few favorites, as I selected a few that I feel mean something to me, I had spoken to my friends and they let me know which ones their favorite one was; allowing me to pick that one as the final ones.

Upon having my final one down, I put it into Illustrator, outlining it so each line is perfectly the same and making sense within proportions, my logo looked rather empty when it was in black so I decided to experiment with colours, a shade of red definitely made it stand out to me, being rather angry yet subtle.
My final logo: