Ordinary vs Extraordinary

Ordinary vs Extraordinary was another college project in which we had to create 3 different versions of showing Ordinary and Extraordinary, a lot of people in class photo manipulated self-taken pictures to make them look gloomier or adding certain things to them but I took it into Cinema4D in which I created a 3D modelled city which would stand for my Extraordinary and a simple city rendered in Blender or taken pictures of in real life.

I'll show 2 of my finals as the third one was one I wasn't too proud of and could be fixed with more time:

2nd 'poster' involved a 3D rendered city and me adding some of the photos I took of lights and long exposure, I then used the Liquify tool on Photoshop to make them look more random:

I also created a 12-second animation for this project which took 12 hours to render my 3D extraordinary city: