Ashe Overwatch

This is the first time I've tried Digital Art, I've never actually done anything similar to Digital Painting/Art apart from sketching out a few logos. I recently got my Graphic Tablet with a screen which made it a whole lot easier to draw something, I've never been good with drawing anything in real life, this was a good challenge on thinking about shadows, perspective and overall expanding my skills within Design. I wanted to draw a character with a rather simple style, choosing the newest character in Overwatch as my subject. I started with the face as I always had problems with shading out the face, I've paid for multiple courses/videos on how to learn this including several courses in ArtStation, being a patreon of Ross Draws and WLOP for several months, using Skillshare classes and Udemy paid courses. It was a steep learning curve but I got it somewhat right at the end. I believe it turned out well for my first time, I'll be using Ross Draws style next then WLOP's, Digital art has many styles to explore!